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video and streaming

designed for video production and streaming applications in simplistic line style with 2 ~ 3 colors.

login and authentication

common symbols for authentication, secure login and authorization.

boxes and delivery

a vibrant collection of box icons with different stickers and content instructions

space exploration

explore the cosmos with our space exploration icons featuring spaceships, aliens, and more, designed to fuel your intergalactic projects.


collection of 50 chemistry-themed icons, including intricate beakers, bunsen burners, complex molecules, and dna strands.

game & recreation

explore a mix of game pieces, video game controllers or symbols for recreation and leisure activity.

qr code

qr code icons perfect fordigital marketing materials, applications, and websites, with different state, action and variant of styles.


icons for concepts commonly seen in kitchen, such as chef hat, apron, pan..etc.


hungry? 5 favors of pizzas in 5 styles suitable for vortex / spin type animations.


this category contains popular icons related to weather forecast like cloudy, sunny, thunder, etc.


cute bugs like bees, butterfly, beetles.


cherry blossom / sakura / japanese cherry well known as the national flower of japan.


commonly seen elements in wedding ceremony / party and marriage, including cake, ring, jewels, etc.


cute adorable animals including horse, monkey, dog, owl, bear, tiger...etc.


a small set of 24 toy icons such as doll, robot, balloon and fidget spinner.


icons for concepts commonly seen in bathroom, toiletries such as shower, shampoo, soap, or toothpaste, etc.


sushi is a traditional japanese dish of prepared vinegared is very often prepared with seafood, such as squid, eel, yellowtail, salmon, tuna or imitation crab meat.


folders holding loose sheets of paper or place on a computer where files or programs can be stored.


this category contains popular icons related to conversation including messaging, online meeting or texting.


tree icons commonly seen in urban regions and different seasons.

map marker

generic map markers in 5 different shapes for general purpose of user interface related to location and place.

hot and new

handy icon set of tags / stickers for indicating hot and new


splendid twinkle little star in orange / yellow color

heart and love

all about love, romance and heart in one simple icon collection.

chinese new year

elements commonly seen in lunar new year / spring festival


various chairs in both wireframe and flat color style.


icons about movie, drama, shows related stuffs and elements.


various types of buildings, facilities and houses in flat style with simple colors.

piggy bank

simple icon set with cute pig for your financial related projects

musical notes

make sheet music vivid and come to life with animated notes of all kinds


it's christmas, santa claus icons are coming to town!

infographics elements

basic infographics elements for fast prototyping your awesome infographics and visualization.


basic infographics elements for fast prototyping your awesome infographics and visualization.


100 common business related elements work best with your pitch slide or reports in your presentation.

business in line

business related elements in 2 ~ 3 colors of lines that is great for projects with simplistic design


simple and small collection of icons for plants, flowers or gardening related stuffs.


total 100 different types of emoji for various emotions from happy, sad, angry to dizzy, horny, panic and shocked.

national flags

complete set of icons for 188 countries' national flag, in 3 style - square, rectangular and circular.


mini figures for different kinds of people, and their occupation. customizable for colors of skin and clothes.


all kinds of garment icons including pants, dresses, clothes, hats and underwears.

clothing in line

simplistic line design of garment icons with 1 ~ 3 strokes, including pants, dresses, hats and underwears .

party time

celebrate at friday nights with pizzas, fried chickens, beers with friends. a simple yet great icon set s uitable for making different kinds of animation.

loading icons

icons dedicated for preloader, spinner, and ajax loader for all purpose. built with colors to enrich your design while also ready for used in monochrome mode


minimist icons for most common and popular fruits. unified design and simple shapes make them suitable fo r different kind of situations.


Skills and occupations like reporter, marketing, lawyer and topics like democracy, artificial intelligence and human rights. 198 icons in 66 topics x 3 styles

need more? animate any icons in's icon library!

Loading Icons

customizable icon library built for animation's icon library provides thousands of icons that are all customizable and animatable. You can choose up to 100+ animations and apply to any icons you picked to generate customized images with various formats including GIF, SVG, APNG, PNG sequence, Lottie, MP4 and WebM.

CC-BY Free Icons

When using in static form, most icons in's icon library are released under CC-BY License, which can be used freely with attribution.



Loading icons are designed to be animated. We provide a handy collection of animation presets for you to apply on the icons you need, and generate the animation in desired format.

Animations can be customized and applied to single element of icons, making your design subtle and unique comparing to others.


All icons we provided are customizable by colors, size as to animation types and speed. With our online icon editor you can make icons with transparent background or convert them into black and white easily.

You can also keep your customization in for future use, or share directly with others.


Vector format Image

All icons are designed with the loseless vector format SVG to optimize the image quality and file size.

In addition to SVG format, we also provide GIF / APNG / PNG Sequence format download for generating images in static form.

Lottie Powered

Maximize flexibility with Lottie format generation for using in mobile apps, web applications and programmatically control your animation.

Lottie generation is possible for icon, text and spinner animations as an alternative format for modern frameworks.

Lottie Line Drawing


While not explicitly shown, all icons are designed with specific theme and topic. you can find some of them in the icon set page. Following are some sample categories available in


All icons in their static form are released under BY License ( simliar to CC-BY ), so you can download these free icons and use their static form in your projects with proper attribution; additionally, we also provide pro features for building animated images. You can subscribe and upgrade to pro account to unlock the animation features, or purchase per item to unlock the features only for the icon you need.

If you don't want to attribute, we also provide options for you to pay to remove attribution. To learn more about license, please check our license document.

Anything Missing?

Need any icons that are not listed here? Send us feedback and suggestion for the next icon to make!


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