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Frequently Asked Questions

last update: 2017/10/03


Can I bundle and resell purchased resources in our web template?

Yes, you can. We only prohibit a direct resell of downloaded resources on their own. Besides, If you use CC-BY icons without purchase / subscription, you will need to give credits in your template to

I don't want to attribute CC-BY icons which I used. Any other option?

You can subscribe our premium plan. With premium plan, you gain access to all Royalty-free and CC resources and don't need to attribute.

What's the license for your libraries like loading.css or loading-bar.js?

They are open sourced and in MIT License. Check our GitHub for their license and source code.

Why do I have to pay for CC0 / CC-BY icon?

Icons in are released under corresponding license with their static form. You can download static CC icons for free and use them based on their license. However, animation building from arbitary css animations is our advanced feature for our icon library, so we will ask you to subscribe or pay if you want to make animations from icons.

Spinners in, in the other hand, are designed with animation as a whole. So you don't have to pay for animation feature if they are released under CC0 / CC-BY license.


How should I attribute to the resources I downloaded and used?

If you use CC-BY licensed resources in websites, please add a link to the page of the resource in any place of your website. following is an example of the attribution link:

If you use the resources in any other media, please mention in your work. An example:

animation icon 'ninja' is provided by


What can I get from subscription?

You will get the following benefit in your subscription period:

  • Attribution free - use CC-BY licensed assets without attribution.
  • larger image generation - up to 800px x 800px images, including GIF and PNG Sequence.
  • PNG Sequence Generation.
  • Access to get the right to use any royalty-free resources.
  • Priority in support.

and we are constantly improving and adding new features to our service and with your support we could make this service better.

Do I have to attribute if I subscribed?

You don't have to attribute if you subscribed. It will be useful in situations like using them in your template bundle, marketing campaign or promote video.


Is it ok to scrape your content by program?

We prohibit programmatically scraping our content unless it's only for indexing purpose.

Can I copy urls of your samples and directly use them in my website?

Sample images are only for demonstration purpose. Please customize, download your own icons and host them in your server.

Additionally, you still have to purchase / subscribe to use sample images if they are shipped under Royalty-Free license.

Can I request for new icons or features?

Sure! People are doing this already. request is always welcome, just leave a message in our website or contact us directly.

GIF quality is low.

Due to its nature, GIF images sometimes have jagged edge in transparent mode. Try use the same background color as your website's background in the editor to alleviate this issue.

We also suggest you to use SVG / CSS alternative if possible, since they always provide the best image quality.

SMIL is deprecated in Chrome.

Deprecation of SMIL has been postponed by Chrome team.

I paid but got nothing / incorrect / corrupt files.

For a quick workaround, please try again with another browser or computer. Or, you can save your design and contact us, we can generate the files you need for you manually.

And don't worry, you always get refund if you can't get a correct result eventually.


I changed my subscription plan and got charged before my previous plan expired.

For now, refund for plan changing will be handled manually so there will be a delay before we send the refund of the previous plan.

We will first charge you for the new plan, then send you a refund of previous plan according to the proportional of your total used time comparing to the previous subscription period; refund will be done manually and it will take several days to proceed. If you didn't receive refund in 72 hours, please contact us directly.

I purchased an $1.99 icon / $9.99 / $39.99 pro plan, but I saw $58 / $292 / $1160 was charged?

Due to our location and local bank limitation, we use TWD currency ( New Taiwan Dollar ) when you pay with credit card. The amount in USD is converted to TWD on the fly according to the exchange rate of the day of transaction.

Your credit card provider will convert TWD back to USD again, so when you receive your credit card bill you will still see the correct amount in USD ( which will probably be a little lower than the amount we charged you, due to rounding when charged in TWD ), but usually the original currency and the corresponding amount will still be shown.

Users using PayPal won't encounter this issue, since there is no such limitation in PayPal.


In whatever reason, I want a refund.

Please contact within 7 days after your payment and let us know the reason. We will do it for you.

  • Single Purchase: we will send you a complete refund.
  • Subscription: amount of refund is calculated according to this formula:

    Refund =
    Subscription Fee
    - (
    Number of RF Icons Used
    - 1) x 1.99$

    You can still ask for a full refund from subscription if you only downloaded RF icons but not used them.

Since we offer free icons as well, you can try our service before subscribing.

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