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last update: 2021/07/06
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You can also check license page for more information about license.

Can I resell purchased items with my web templates?

Yes, you can. We only prohibit a direct resell of downloaded resources on their own. Besides, If you use BY licensed items without purchase / subscription, you will need to give credits in your template to

Can I resell downloaded items?

No. Resell is only allowed if download items work as a part of your design.

But, if you are using our upload service to make animation with your own images, then it's up to the image owners about how the uploaded image are licensed.

I don't want to attribute. Other options?

You can subscribe our premium plan, which provides access to all premium items and is attribution free. Or, you can also pay per item to use them in attribution free manner, which also enables all premium features for purchased item.

What's the license for software libraries?

License for libraries such as loading.css or Loading Bar can be found in their Github repositories. They are usually licensed under MIT, but you should confirm it before using them.

Why do I need to pay for Free / BY Licensed items?

Some items, like icons in, are released mostly in BY License with their static form, so you can download their static form for free. However, building animations with those icons in is our premium feature, so you have to unlock it with subscription, or unlock by paying for the specific item.

There are also other features that are only opened for paid users, so the payment is actually both for copyright of design and use right of software.

On the other hand, some items like spinners in are released in animated form, so you can download them in animated form for free if they are released under Free / BY license.

How long can I use downloaded items if I subscribe?

Lifetime - you won't have to worry about the license again if you use them during your pro period.

However, we won't keep your customized file in our server; additionally, premium features will only available when you are pro / or available for 2 days after purchasing, so if you need alternative design after your pro plan/purchase expires, you will have to pay again.

Please contact us if you lose the original downloaded file.

Some items are quite simple, can you declare copyright over them?

We actually provide as a service to you under the condition that you agree with our term of use. And that is - if you want to use the service and all the items you downloaded, you have to acquire proper license when we ask you to.

Indeed, some items might be so simple that it's hardly to be declared with copyright, but building the software for customizing these items is definitely not a trivial task.

For those items, you are always free to make an identical design (you might still have to use different colorscheme) by coding/drawing them with other (maybe paid) softwares by yourself, but if you want to generate them with, please acquire proper license if needed.

TL;DR - of course you can draw a bouncing circle by yourself, but if you want to draw it with, please support as a service.


How to attribute for the items I use?

You only have to attribute if you want to use BY licensed items for free.

If you use them in website: please add a link to in any place of your website. Following is an example of the attribution link:

Sushi icon by

If you use BY licensed resources in websites, please add a link to the page of the resource in any place of your website. following is an example of the attribution link:

spinner by

If you use the resources in any other media, please mention in your work. An example:

animation icon 'ninja' is provided by


I lost the downloaded files of my purchased items.

Please contact us for helping you to re-generate the files you need.


What will I receive with subscription?

During your subscription, you will get:

  • Attribution Free - items downloaded during subscription are attribution free, for lifetime.
  • Unlimit Download - all free / premium items are available for customization and download.
  • Premium Features - including more choices in options and file formats.
  • Assets Storage - additional quota for saving your design as assets for sharing and future use.
  • Priority in Support

Additionally, we are constantly improving and adding new features to our service. With your support, we could make this service better.

You can check the pricing page for more information about the premium features we provide.

Do I have to attribute if I subscribed?

For those items downloaded and used during any of your billing period, you don't have to attribute for those items, even after your pro plan is expired.

Can I use only for one month?

Yes, you can. Subscription can be canceled immediately after you subscribed, which leads to a subscription that lasts only one month/year. Once you don't need the pro plan, please remember to cancel the subscription in case of additional charges.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in the billing page or directly in the pricing page by clicking the 'Stop Future Billing' button. To confirm your cancelation, go to your billing page and there should be a "canceled" label under your plan.

Or, you can always contact us to help you cancel the subscription, or confirm the cancelation.

I forgot to cancel my subscription. What should I do?

We send notification mails 3 days before the transaction to remind you about the renewal, but in case that somehow you didn't receive the mail, we always refund up to 2 months for this kind of reason.

So don't worry, just contact us directly. :)

My subscription is gone before the next billing period.

This is usually because you were using a wrong account. It happenes all the time so don't worry, please contact us to help you find the account you used before.

Additionally, you can also try to logout and login again to see if it helps.

Will I get notified when the plan is going to be renewed?

We will send you a mail 3 days before charging so you will have time to consider if you want to keep on using

If you didn't receive the mail after subscribed or before upcoming charging, please check your spam folder.


Doesn't work in Wordpress ( or other CMS ).

Some CMS or website builders - such as Wordpress - don't support animated SVG natively. They sanitize the uploaded SVGs, with the code for animation removed as a side effect.

However, some CMS also support plugins from third parties. For example, for Wordpress you can use plugins such as 'Easy SVG' or 'SVG Support' to support animated SVG upload.

( please note that the plugins listed above are third party plugins. They may change through time so please always evaluate them yourself before using them. )

If there is no such plugin for the system you are using, please try GIF / APNG instead, or directly contact their technical support to see if there is any way to workaround this.

Things just don't work.

Sometimes users report for issues like image not generated or browser crashed. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Try disabling AdBlock / other browser plugins.

    Browser plugins like AdBlock change website's content and the behavior of browsers, which might lead to issues that we can't predict. Disabling them temporarily could fix this issue.

  • Refresh website and clear browser cache.

    Sometimes it's the cached old script that breaks things after we deployed new version of our service. This can be fixed by doing a force reload in browser.

    For example, in Chrome you can press Ctrl+F5 ( for Windows user ) or cmd+shift+R (for Mac users) to do a force reload.

  • Check your environment is built for modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and optimized for desktop users. Please use these browsers in desktop environment if you experience difficulties when using our service.

  • Try with another browser

    Sometimes there are bugs in browser with certain version. You can first try with another browser before the bugs are fixed.

  • Try with another computer.

    It's rare but some users complained about browser crashes when generating image. GIF generation is a heavy task for browser so it might sometimes crash it in an older system. Try with another computer may fix this issue.

Can I crawl your items by program?

We don't allow programmatically scrap of our content unless for index purpose only. For indexing, you have to add a backlink to and attribute properly.

While we don't support it for now, if you are interested in using API to get animated images, please contact us.

Can I request for new icons or features?

Requests are always welcome, just leave a message in our website or contact us directly. Once ready, new items will be released on for everyone to customize.

However, we don't provide dedicated customization service for your logo or design.

GIF quality is low.

Due to its nature, GIF image contains only 256 colors at most without alpha-channel transparency, so sometimes there will be jagged edges when you enable transparency. You can try:

  • If there is the option "edge smoothing", try if it helps after turning it OFF.
  • Set the background in editor to the background color where you're going to use the GIF.

APNG / SVG won't suffer from this issue so it will be a nice alternative if you don't have to support IE/Edge browsers.

Please check the compatibility table from for compatibility for SVG and compatibility for APNG before you use them. Note: CSS Animation in SVG is not supported by IE.

SMIL is deprecated in Chrome.

Deprecation of SMIL has been suspended by Chrome team.

We use both CSS animation and SMIL to animate SVGs, and currently we still think SMIL as a better way to make a self-contained animated SVG.

I paid but got nothing / incorrect / corrupt files.

Please try with another browser or computer, if available.

Alternatively, you can save your design by hitting the "save as asset" button and contact us to help you generate the files manually.

Don't worry, refund is always guaranteed if you can't get the correct result for any reason.


Why I kept failing when I tried to pay?

It might because we don't support the card you are using. We don't support American Express or some debit cards.

Sometimes it failed because the transaction was rejected by your card issuer bank, so you have to consult your card provider to know the actual reason of payment failure.

Don't you support PayPal?

PayPal prohibits payments between accounts in our region. Even if we can use PayPal, we can't accept payments via PayPal from users in our region. Turns out that PayPal just doesn't work for business like us.

For suggestion of any other payment methods you'd like to use, please contact us.

I changed my plan and got charged before previous plan expired.

We will send you the refund for the previous plan if you changed plan. Amount of the refund will be in proportion to the remaining time of the plan.

Refunds are processed manually, so there will be a delay before we send the refund of the previous plan.

Why was I charged more than it should be?

It's just in different currencies. While our listed prices are all in USD, we convert from USD to TWD according to the latest exchange rate when you pay. This is due to local law in our region and rules of our partner bank.

For example, when you pay for an $1.99 icon in USD, it's converted to roughly about $60 TWD when the transaction is made.

Then, it will be converted to your local currency again when you receive the bill, so you'll probably see two amounts in different currencies, one in TWD and one in your local currency.

Why you keep on charging me?

While we offer single purchase for icons, we also offer subscription plans for unlimited icon generation. Subscription plans are plans with recurring billing, so we will charge you on the monthly or yearly basis, according to the period you choose.

Subscription can be canceled at any time, even right after the subscription is made, so if you decide that it's the last period of using our service, please always remember to cancel your subscription.

To cancel your subscription, simply go to then Pricing page and click the "Stop Future Billing" button. After cancellation, your plan will still be valid until the end of current period.

Or, you can always contact us to help you cancel the subscription.

I want to cancel my subscription but can't find the cancel button.

It's usually because you are using the wrong account. Please contact us so we can help you to find the correct account you used to subscribe.

Subscription cancelation could be done in following ways:

  • in pricing page, click the big red "stop future billing" button.
  • in billing page, click the "cancel" button in the "Subscription Status" section.

You might not be able to find these buttons if you have already canceled the subscription. You can verify the subscription status of your account in the "Subscription Status" section of billing page.


In whatever reason, I want a refund.

We provide 7 days refund guarantee, so please contact us within 7 days after your payment, providing the account name you use, and (optionally) let us know the reason. We will do it for you once we confirm.

After 7 days, we don't guarentee the refund but you can still contact us and let us know the reason.

I forgot to cancel my subscription. What should I do?

We always send notification mails 3 days before the transaction to remind you about the renewal, but in case that somehow you didn't receive the mail, we always provide refund for this kind of reason up to 2 months. If it's beyond 2 months, we'll handle the request by case because it will cost us a lot to take care of it.

So don't worry, just contact us directly. :)


I want to delete my account.

You can find the delete account button at the bottom of the settings page. Please be aware that once deleted, action can't be undone.

Or, you can contact us directly with the email you used to sign up.

Password reset doesn't work.

Please check your spam folder to see if the reset email went into the spam folder. Or, you might be using an incorrect account name.

Occasionally, the mail arrives too late so the reset link is expired. For any reason that reset password is not working, please contact us so we can help you restore your account.

Email verification doesn't work.

Like password reset, the verification emails may go to into your spam folder. Please check if the mail is in any other places other than inbox.

Additionally, if you are using an email address from disposable mail services, mail may not be successfully delivered since we also validate emails before sending verification links.

Why do I need to verify my email before some actions?

Some actions, such as payments, are sensitive and may involve disputes. Without a valid email, we can't contact you via email for issue support or dispute resolution.

I want to change my email address.

For now this is handled by our customer support team. If possible, please contact us using your original email address.


How to contact you?

please mail to:

[email protected]

along with your account name/id and other related information (transaction id, icon name, if ncessary) when contacting us.

If you need helps regarding your account / payment, please mail us with the email address you used to sign up.

I mailed you but there is no response.

We usually reply within 2 days, but for any reasons if you didn't get response within 2 days, you can mail again in case that we missed the mail, or reach us through's facebook fan page.

Additionally, the contact email address is dedicated to customer support inquiries. Responses to non-support related messages are not guaranteed.

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