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Animated, Full-sized Vector Backgrounds in SVG / PNG for You Next Project.

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Loading Backgrounds

"Loading Backgrounds" is loading.io's animated, full-sized SVG background generator. It provides vector-based high quality backgrounds that can be used for different purposes, including backgrounds for website, video, poster or presentation slides.

SVG-based Images

All backgrounds are based on the vector format SVG to provide the flexibility in post-processing and are optimized in size and image quality. Besides animation, static images are also available in PNG format.

On the Fly Customizable

All images are customizable not only the colors but also in the speed, direction, complexity and many other configurations. All customizations are applied instantly and images are generated on the fly.


All backgrounds are crafted with builtin animations, while are still available in static form.

Full-sized vs Seamless Repeatable

While "Loading Backgrounds" provides one non-repeatable background, you may also want to find some seamless repeatable background patterns/tiles.

Take a look in our "Loading Patterns" library, which provides thousands of animatable, seamless repeating SVG patterns that also shipped in GIF / APNG / PNG formats for both animated and static forms.

High Resolution Live Background

Loading Backgrounds mainly focuses on providing SVG-based backgrounds, so the size of image might be limited by the performance and complexity of the SVG itself.

Hopefully, we launched an experimental service "makebackground.io" which generates high resolution ( up to 1920 x 1280 ), high quality minimalist style live background, with png or mp4 output up to 8 sec animation. Here are some samples of the backgrounds provided:

go to makebackground.io

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