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Skills and occupations like reporter, marketing, lawyer and topics like democracy, artificial intelligence and human rights. 198 icons in 66 topics x 3 styles

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g0v icon

The g0v movement, or g0v, (pronounced gov-zero ) is an open source, open government collaboration started by Chia-liang Kao ("clkao"), ipa, kirby and others in late 2012 in Taiwan.Originally driven by a bimonthly hackathon, the community has expanded to include different professional and non-information technology background members. Symbolizing the community's efforts to "rethink the role of government from zero," and borrowing the parlance of binary from the digital world of 1s and 0s, the O in "gov" is replaced with a 0 to make "g0v"; for many government agencies in Taiwan which have URLs ending, replacing .gov with .g0v redirects the user to the so-called shadow government, a "forked" version of that agency with contributions by civic hackers. Continuing this inspiration from the software development world, the forked content can then be "merged" back into the government agency's website.

— adopted from wikipedia, "g0v", available under CC BY-SA License.

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