Flexbox Generator

Flexbox Generator

Layout with CSS Flexbox is powerful but complicated. So we made this:
a quick flexbox playground for testing your css with flex layout tricks.

direction of content flow
controls how wrapping works
NowrapWrapWrap Reverse
align along the content flow ( main direction )
StartEndCenterSpace BetweenSpace Around
vertical align within a line ( cross direction )
vertical align within container
StartEndCenterSpace BetweenSpace AroundStretch
controls the proportion of size growing
controls the proportion of size shrinking
set basis of size of flex items
margin around items
Add :after placeholder


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So, its browser compatibility?

Good news: every modern browser supports flexible box layout (flexbox) now. Yet unfortunately IE <= 9 don't support flexbox, and IE10/11's support are buggy. Check out Can I Use..? for more detail about browser compatibility.

tl;dr - You'll need a graceful degradation for IE <= 11.

Do you cover every flexbox attribute here?

`order`, which controls the order of flex items, doesn't cover here since it will need to config with a by-each-item basis. `flex-grow`, `flex-shrink` and `flex-basis` are similar yet we still provide the ability to config them with a single, identical value for every single item.

`align-self` isn't covered too, which is used to overwrite `align-items` in specific item.

tl;dr - We don't provide testing for attributes that works over single item basis.

What is the :after placeholder?

You can add a :after pseudo element in container with the `Add :after placeholder` button. It has the effect as `flex: 999 999 auto` which consumes all space in the last line of your content.

Why did you build this?

I often use flexbox to layout things and I found it's frustrating to test all attributes again and again everytime, so why not just having a nice, easy interface to bootstrap all these things up? And Now it's here, a flexbox playground for on-demand CSS generation. I use this every time building a flexible layout, and I suggest you to bookmark this in your web design toolbox too.

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