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This editor is currently in alpha stage and opened only to subscribed users for now.
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Animation Editor

/ Alpha Version

This is the PoC version of our general purpose animation editor. It provides advanced functionality that cannot be found in basic editor, such as:

As a service provider for animation, we want to make animation editing as simple as possible. Thus in our basic animation editor, we simplified many aspects of the process in animation building - you can only apply one animation at a time, animation must be applied on every layer of the image, etc.

While this is already what most people need, there are still requests for building more complex animations. This is our attempt to empower our users with more flexibility and freedom to make their own animation.

To keep things simple we still use preset animations, which to some extents limits the type of animation you can make. We will keep on exploring the possibility of this core design and bring more flexibility to our users based on the usability.

Currently this editor is opened only for subscribed users to use. Once we are ready, we will provide free-trial functions for free users to evaluate if it's the tool they need.


Here are some examples of generated animations by this editor. check it out!


Any questions or suggestion? Feel free to leave comment here. :)


Jagged Edges?

turning off the edge smoothing option might help

By its design, GIF is quite limited in quality especially with transparency on. If you got GIF with colored border around edges of generated image, you can turning off Edge Smoothing option and try again.

This option will give crispy edges around generated image, but might lead to pixelated result, so please use it at your discretion. For more information, check our guide about improving GIF image quality.

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update palette with picked colors in editor

This will bring up the palette editor with a new palette from all colors you have picked in this editor. Current chosen palette won't be replaced before you click "Use This Palette".

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  • Contact us and report this issue.

Sorry about this inconvenience!

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