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Choose the icon you want to use, customize it and click "Download SVG" (or Download CSS, depends on your need). SVG file then can be used by <img> tag, for example:

<img src="examples/circle1.svg"> <img src="examples/circle2.svg"> <img src="examples/circle3.svg">

will be like this:

To use CSS animation, please move the html code inside downloaded css file to where you want to place the animation, and link your document with the css file. For example:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="examples/battery.css"> <div class='uil-battery-demo-css' style='-webkit-transform:scale(0.6)'> <outer></outer> <inner></inner> <inner></inner> <inner></inner> <inner></inner>

will be like this:

Browser Compatibility is built upon bootstrap, angularjs, canvg, gif.js and require.js . Some of them use quite new technologies such as web workers, so you might need a new enough browser that supports html5 to play with this site. So far this website is tested on following browsers:

Some animations can't be shown on IE, which is explained in the next paragraph.

About SVG / CSS Animation

In order to use SVG and CSS to make animation, SMIL and CSS3 Animation are used. This constrains the browsers that can see these animations to following:

Conclusion: You can use these animations in almost all browsers except Internet Explorer. To support most browsers, please use CSS animation or pre-generated GIF.

If you find any bugs(except browser limitation) about this website, please kindly report to us.