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Animated, Seamless Repeating Patterns in SVG / PNG / GIF for Your Next Background.

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Loading Patterns

seamless repeatable patterns built for animation

Loading Patterns is loading.io's animated pattern generator that makes tiled images for using as texture, image pattern or in backgrounds of app, video or website. It can also be used to fill shapes, icons or progress bars.

Seamless Repeatable

All background patterns generated in loading.io are seamless repeatable, either in static or animated format.

This significantly reduces the size of animated image, and is perfect for looping as background tile in any place with variant size.

Vector-based Image

Tiles are all designed based on lossless vector image format SVG with the capability to generate to other formats including GIF, PNG/APNG and PNG sequence.

SVG format keeps the highest quality of images against resizing while also optimizes the file size and possibility for flexible retouching.

svg editing

Animatable & Customizable

Loading.io empowers the background patterns with various types of animation which could be customized with loading.io's pattern editor.

All patterns are pre-designed but can still be customized according to your need.


All Patterns in their static form are released under Loading.io BY License ( similar to CC-BY ), so you can download these free patterns and use their static form in your projects with proper attribution; additionally, we also provide pro features for building animated images. You can subscribe and upgrade to pro account to unlock the animation features, or purchase per item to unlock the features only for the item you need.

If you don't want to attribute, we also provide options for you to pay to remove attribution. To learn more about loading.io license, please check our license document.


Any questions or suggestion? Feel free to leave comment here. :)

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